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In my maiden post, I was sharing how great nurses are, those people at Private Care that manage and often deliver care to our loved ones.

They are also a part of a much richer story.

Fundamental to this community are our Carers, those we carefully match to fit your wants and needs.

These are the people that look after you, your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles and there are some strange ones out there. And they do it because they really care.

Sure, money is important and such as these are worth every cent but their primary driver is helping people. Sadly, truth be known, our society doesn’t believe paying to look after our fellow human beings is worthy of a premium.

It’s a worrying fact that on an hourly basis, we’ll pay a lot more for our washing machine repair guy or for anybody in a trade for that matter.

Is it too obvious to note our appliances and drains are not nearly as complex or significant as our families?

Fortunately, our Carers think people do matter and, in the line of duty, come up with some wonderful ways to help their clients, so let me tell you about Nancy.

Nancy, an elderly client living with Dementia, was almost bedbound and had grown afraid of bathing. Not an unusual phenomenon with this distressing disease. Her hygiene was failing and her family were despairing.

Her Carer, in an effort to find an answer, and in a creative moment, thought she would dress the bathroom up as a day spa and duly brought in candles, oils and petals and run a warm bath, complete with calming music.

She then asked Nancy if she would like a massage and on being given the go ahead began the “treatment”.

After a soothing massage with aromatic oils, Nancy was introduced to the candlelit spa bath and asked if she would like to try the warm petalled water. Now relaxed and no longer fearful Nancy had her first bath in months.

A creative personal solution addressing a real and personal need. Creative caring in action and another day in the care community.

(with many thanks to Katarina)

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