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The Care Community

It’s been 6 months since I started at Private Care and what a privilege it is to work in, for and with the care community.

I have the great pleasure of turning up every day to an office full of nurses, those unique people that don’t “sweat the small stuff” and just get on and do the job, however messy or complex.

There is no one better than this lot to oversee the care of our loved ones in their homes as they recover from illness, are permanently disabled or have a chronic disease. They might also struggle living with Dementia, are lonely from the loss of a lifelong spouse or just having to deal with a body that is no longer as able.

Having now lost both parents and seeing close family members struggle with the ravishes of Dementia I appreciate the opportunity to provide service to people that want to stay in their homes, the place they love and feel safe, for as long as they can.

It is great to know that there is a choice between in-home and residential care in the knowledge that international studies have proven the value of in-home care but there are economic considerations.

Care for family members in these circumstances is a mystery to most of us and the discovery comes, in the main, usually at a rush, brought on by a fall, an injury, a hospital discharge or the loss of a spouse, a time when we simply haven’t thought it through and have little time to think it through.

My friends are keen I do some of that work for them so that I can help them think through the options and understand the benefits before that unexpected event.

Many of us have parents facing these realities so I’m now focussed on the cost-benefit equation. I’m struggling with how you measure that with your loved ones and family.

More later …

Will Holmes à Court

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