Ageing Relatives

When I joined Private Care late last year I knew I had a lot to learn about In-Home Care.

This doesn’t sound at the sexy end of the knowledge spectrum like quantum mechanics and your last stay in Trieste but some friends were pleased as they reckoned it meant I would be forced to run ahead and do the research they would need to do.

Many of us are now facing the challenge of how to manage care for our parents particularly when they might have lost a spouse, living with Dementia or are just frail but they want to continue to live in the home they love.

Having lost both parents and one of those to Dementia I am all too well aware of the challenges.

Most of us get caught unprepared by a parent having a fall, a UTI or just an event exposing the slow progression of age.

Blind-sided with absolutely no idea of the issues or opportunities or the economics of what to do next.

If this either affects you now or will do in the future you may find value in a series I’m writing about what I’ve learnt thus far.

It will be pretty breezy and cover various aspects of aged, palliative and disability care in-home and some of the related economics.

If you’re interested “follow” the Private Care page on FaceBook and you’ll get a notification when I post something.

Happy to be used as a resource so I’d also love your questions and reflections.

Till next ….


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