Dementia – Alzheimer’s Care Sydney

Memory loss, confusion and disorientation make it difficult for people with dementia to remain in their own homes. With the right kind of support, they can remain in the home they love and by doing so maintain the best quality of life.

When a family member is diagnosed with dementia it can be overwhelming for them and your family and staying in a familiar and safe environment becomes increasingly important.

Our dementia services help you manage the emotional impact of the diagnosis and to prepare for the future. It is important to make decisions early, while your loved one can express their preferences and share their concerns.

We help you and your loved ones understand your options and make the choices that are right for you. Where there are differences of opinion we facilitate family conferences to help your reach agreement.

Dementia typically causes a progressive decline in mental functioning and ability to manage daily activities. These changes can be confusing and distressing to someone with dementia and may result in them becoming agitated or withdrawn.

Most people with dementia want to stay in their home and find other environments disorienting and confusing. However, as their needs increase, most families cannot provide the level of support they need to stay at home. With appropriate support, this can be achieved.

Professional support helps you provide the best quality of life for your loved one. We help you develop familiar routines, develop visual cues around the house and create a safe environment for the person you love.

We can also help you trial approaches such as reminiscence therapy and multisensory stimulation and refer you to other specialist dementia support services where needed

Please give us a call today. We are to here to discuss your needs and help get the support you need.


  • Decreased stress in your family,
  • Independence maintained in the familiar environment of home
  • Improved health and comfort and
  • Peace of mind

What makes us different?

  • Our personal approach,
  • The way we include family,
  • The time we take getting to know you,
  • Our flexibility – your services can change as your needs change, and
  • Our dedication to helping you and your loved one achieve your goals.

Our Experience

Private Care has had over 30 years of experience caring for people in the Eastern Suburbs, the Northshore, The Hills District, The Northern Beaches and the wider Sydney Region. Our registered nurses and carers are well trained in assisting people and their relatives manage life with the limitations of reduced cognitive function.

Trained at Alzheimer’s Australia we are familiar with the latest techniques to ensure our clients have the best care possible and can stay in the familiar environment of their home for as long as possible.