Care for specific needsCARING FOR SPECIFIC NEEDS

Can you provide care for people with Dementia or Parkinson’s Disease?

Yes, we have many carers who have experience in this area. Our registered nurses are happy to speak with you in more detail on this subject. Contact us  today to discuss your needs.

Do you look after people with disabilities?

Yes, we have experience with young and elderly clients who have a disability or have had an accident and are injured temporarily or permanently.

Our clients fund their own care.

Do you have to be a certain age to receive this service?

No, we provide services to people of all ages.

Do you ever care for young people?

Yes, we have many young clients who need our care. Often this can be to support a family with an ill parent or support children staying or living with their grandparents.

Our Carers are skilled and experienced to understand the needs of young people.

What if our needs change after we start receiving care from you?

Services can be altered as required to meet a client’s changing needs. We often find that a client’s health and level of independence and confidence improve after we have been providing care for a short while and our services can decrease.

If a client experiences a seasonal health change or illness the service can be increased.

Many of our services are increased when family members are unavailable due to travel, illness or other needs.

Duration of careDURATION OF CARE

What is your minimum length of service?

Our minimum service is 3 hours which ensures that we attract the best carers allowing us to deliver the level of care that you require and deserve.

Longer term services allow our carers to get to know their clients and to become more attuned to their needs and the rhythm of their lives.

Can you provide live-in care?

Yes we can, Live-in is a 24 hour block of care and can be casual, for a period of time or permanent, whatever suits. The carer must be provided with his or her own bedroom and meals.

Can you provide 24 hour live-out care?

Yes we can. It is called active care and is available at an hourly rate of service.


For more information view the services page.

Types of care servicesTYPES OF CARE SERVICES

Can you provide someone who can drive my family member around?

Yes, we have carers who can drive the car you provide or they will use their own car.

There is a fee per kilometre when the carer’s car is used.

What sort of care do you provide?

Registered nurses, enrolled nurses, AIN’s and carers are available to provide services in a variety of ways, from hourly care through to live-in care or sleepover care. We offer a range of services such as housekeeping, nursing care and personal grooming.

For more information view the services page.

About our carersABOUT OUR CARERS

Do you have mature aged carers?

Yes, we understand how important it is for our clients to be able to relate to their carer. We have carers of a variety of ages and also endeavour to match the personality of the carer to the client.

Do you have carers who speak another language?

Yes, we have many carers who speak a variety of languages.

What if we do not  like the carer that you provide?

Carers can be changed if for any reason your carer is not a good fit for you or your family. You are a private client and if you request a change of carer we will arrange an alternative.

Do we always get the same carer?

This depends on how many hours of care per week you require. Live-in care over a week is always spread between two carers – one doing perhaps three days and the other four days. This avoids burn-out and complies with award requirements.

If you require only a few hours care each day you would generally have the same carer.

For more information about our carers, view the Our Staff page.

Cost of careCOST OF CARE

How much does care cost?

Private Care charges are all inclusive. They include assessments, home visits, care plans, client health tracking as well as the cost for our carers and nurses.

We will provide a clear estimation of service costs and a quote is available on request. Go to the Contact Us page to make a request.

Am I able to claim this service on my health fund?

Private Care has a Provider Number. Some services can be claimed from some health funds.  Contact us for more information.

How do your clients fund their service?

Private Care clients fund themselves or utilise Government funding through HCP & NDIS programs as well as funding from accident compensation or a combination.

As a subsidiary of the national KinCare group, we have national accreditation affording our client’s great flexibility.

Contact us for more information.

Location of care servicesLOCATION OF CARE SERVICES

What areas do you provide care to?

While we focus on the wider Sydney region we provide care to all areas of NSW.  Contact us to discuss availability in your area. We provide a significant amount of service in:

  • Northern Beaches
  • North Shore
  • Central Coast
  • Newcastle
  • Sydney CBD
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Western Sydney
  • The Blue Mountains
  • Sutherland Shire
  • The Illawara
  • Southern Highlands
  • The Hills District

Do you still have a questionDO YOU STILL HAVE A QUESTION?

Call Private Care on 1300 559 260 for a free, personal, no obligation and confidential consultation.