Private Care Staff and Personal Carers – Sydney

At Private Care, we believe in upholding the dignity and individuality of each person we care for. Our philosophy is to provide a caring and supportive environment so that each individual feels safe.

We also believe in treating others in the way that we wish to be treated. This means respecting values, beliefs and needs of you and your loved one to provide a satisfying and caring experience.

Supporting your independence

Private Care staff have a philosophy of care that is supportive rather than controlling. We want to support your loved one to maintain their independence and overall well-being. We assess their life circumstances and see how we can assist them to keep on doing the things they love.

We are here to support your loved one in their day-to-day tasks, to give them a hand to achieve their potential. Whether they have a disability, are declining with age, recovering from an injury or going through difficult circumstances, we are here to support them to lead a quality life.

Our philosophy of care is demonstrated by:

  • Striving to achieve excellence in all areas
  • Recognising the dignity and respect of each individual
  • Treating others in the way that we would wish to be treated
  • Having a listening ear and valuing what each individual is saying
  • Having a genuine spirit of concern and hospitality for everyone
  • Having empathy, care and concern for each other
  • Creating a caring and congenial workplace
  • Encouraging clients to maintain their optimum level of individual independence
  • Remembering that we are visitors and have been invited into each client’s home

Matching a carer with your needs

We realise that each person has an unique personality. During the process of assessing your loved one’s needs, we endeavour to match the carer’s abilities and personality with their requirements.

We monitor the well-being of both the carer and your loved one on a regular basis to ensure the relationship is successful. If your loved one feels uncomfortable with their carer, they can request a new carer at any time.

Quality assured

All our personal carers are personally interviewed, screened through Police Criminal Record Checks, and well-researched through verbal and written references. Many of our staff are registered nurses, or have a Certificate III or IV in aged care or disability care. When carers commence work, they are provided with a detailed Private Care Handbook for guidance.

Professional development is provided, to enhance their skills and maintain their knowledge. The skills of our personal carers are assessed regularly to ensure an excellence of care.

24 hour help available

Clients and carers have 24 hour access to a member of management if there are any questions or concerns. This service is provided seven days per week via our on-call service.