In-Home Care Services

Private Care offers an extensive range of In-Home care services and options for people who are privately funded, have access to NDIS funding or wish to top up government subsidised packages.

Our In-Home services will enable you to live in your own home, independently and with the peace of mind that comes with having your care needs met.

“Our customers can choose to have the kind of service they would like, it’s not just a standard package… for them it’s about uniquely tailored services, confidentiality, it’s about trust and it’s about discretion. Private Care can deliver that.” Will Holmes à Court, Executive Officer, Private Care

Types of Services CASE MANAGEMENT

Our client coordinators are Registered Nurses. Before you decide which organisation to trust, ask the question: “how many clients do the coordinators manage?”

Most care providers expect their client coordinators to manage over 50 clients each. At Private Care we offer high-touch care and conforming to international standards our coordinators manage less than half this number. Our nurse coordinators:

  1. Monitor your progress closely and are proactive with reassessments
  2. Discuss your care plan with you as well as your doctor and allied health professionals if necessary to ensure you are receiving the best possible care
  3. Consider every aspect of your health: physical, psychological and social
  4. Focus their attention on you

Our fees are competitive and all inclusive covering assessments, care plans, day to day management and monitoring.

With Private Care, you can be sure that there are NO hidden or extra charges.

Types of Services TYPES OF SERVICES

Injury Care
Personal Care
Chronic Disease Care
Palliative Care
Aged and Elderly Care
Dementia Care
Home Nursing services

Flexible, client-directed care as your needs change

The last thing you need when you or your loved is facing illness, injury, disability or end of life is to be locked into an inflexible contract.

At Private Care, there are no fixed contracts. You can stop or start at any time. You have the power to control your own funding.

You have the right to;

  1. Choose your approved provider
  2. Choose the type of care you want
  3. Choose when you have care
  4. Choose who supplies the care
  5. Financial transparency and accountability
  6. Care focused on your individual goals
  7. Care focused on wellness
  8. Treatment as an equal partner

You will benefit from our 30 years of accumulated knowledge and experience.

We offer a listening ear, keen observation and thoughtful, insightful advice. When you are overwhelmed by the situation or your options, we will be there to support you.

We will always be guided by you, focused on you, thinking of you.

So when you or your loved one has been hospitalised or is facing a long road due to injury, illness, disability or old age — increase your services.

As you or your loved one recover their strength and independence — reduce the services.

Services Duration SERVICE DURATION

24-Hour or Live-In Care
Casual or one-time-only care
Daily or Weekly care
Overnight care
Testimonials & Reflections
We find it’s the little things Private Care does for our clients that gives us peace of mind. We know they’re well supported & safe in their own homes, and benefiting from Private Care’s highly personalised approach. We receive regular updates and are always kept informed.
Anh Ngo
There has always been someone at the end of the phone to assist with life’s minor crises and to give professional advice and support. I don’t say lightly that the quality of life of my mother in law and the quality of life for the whole family continues to be greatly enhanced by working as a team with Private Care.
Pip Friedrich