Personal Care Services

Private Care offers in-home personal care services so your loved one can feel refreshed and confident every day. Daily personal hygiene and grooming tasks can become difficult as people decline with age or are recovering from an injury, living with a disability or managing an illness.

A little assistance from our qualified, reliable and caring staff can make a positive difference to the daily well-being of your loved one.

Personal care services:

This includes services such as;

  • Mobility and hoist transfers
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Showering
  • Toileting
  • Personal grooming

Free personal consultation

Call us now for a free, no obligation, personal and confidential consultation on 1300 559 260. We will discuss your circumstances, needs and preferences of your loved one and offer a custom-tailored solution.

Private Care: People You Can Trust

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Benefits of Private Care’s personal care services

Private Care offers experienced personal carers that are well-trained, trustworthy and sensitive to the needs of your loved one. They can complement your efforts to help make life easier for you.

Custom-tailored solutions
  • We liaise with your loved one, family members and medical staff to develop an individual care plan
Flexible care plans
  • Plans are flexible to respond to the changing needs of your loved one
  • We can help your loved one transition into high dependency and complex care at home if needed
Professional staff
  • Active supervision from an experienced care coordinator
  • 24/7 back-up from an on-call registered nurse
  • All staff undergo a screening process and are well-trained
Quality assured
  • We are a family owned, Australian company
  • An industry leader in providing care services since 1977
  • Services are fully insured
  • All inclusive costs – no hidden extras
  • No fixed contracts

Where are services available?

We specialise in personal care services throughout New South Wales (NSW). Areas include Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Hunter, the Southern Highlands and South Coast.

In Sydney we service all suburbs. We have developed a reputation as the leading provider of personal care services to people in the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Northern Beaches, the Shire and the Hills District.

What are personal care services

Personal care services are flexible. Care plans can be altered according to the changing needs of your loved one.

  • Mobility, hoist transfers, getting in and out of bed

    Your loved one may be recovering from a severe accident or too frail to move by themselves. Private Care’s personal carers can help them become more mobile. Our carers are trained in using a hoist to transfer people, in and out of bed or their chair. We can support your loved one to enhance their freedom and movement.

  • Dressing and undressing

    The simple act of dressing and undressing can become a daily chore. Personal carers can assist your loved one to be dressed according to their social requirements.

  • Showering

    The bathroom can be a very dangerous place if your loved one is not very sturdy on their feet. Personal carers can support them so they are safe and maintain their personal hygiene.

  • Toileting

    Your loved one may have an injury, illness or disability that makes it hard for them to get to the toilet. Personal carers can help them maintain their personal hygiene in a way that is convenient for them.

  • Personal grooming: shaving, applying makeup, hair care

    While your loved one may be experiencing an illness, disability or injury it is still important to maintain their personal grooming needs. It helps them to feel good. Personal carers can help your loved one with personal grooming tasks such as shaving, hair care, or applying your makeup so they can still look their best.

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Private Care’s Personal Carers are reliable, trustworthy and sensitive to the personal needs of your loved one. We understand their predicament and can tailor our services to meet their unique requirements.

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