Tailored Needs

How are Private Care Services Tailored to Suit You?

We step you through a thorough process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the level and type of home care service you are receiving:

STEP 1: Your registered nurse clinical coordinator will take you and your loved ones through a process of identifying your medical needs, your living situation and personal preferences, your family requirements and your GP’s and specialist’s advice.

STEP 2: In close consultation with you, a completely flexible service plan is tailored to suit you and get the most out of your budget. We can complement your current services, or provide a complete landscape of services.

STEP 3: You are matched with professional, experienced nurses and/or carers who understand your medical and personal needs, and go out of their way to satisfy your wishes.

STEP 4: Your care support is supervised by a registered nurse case worker who has your health and satisfaction as her number one priority. Your case worker also happens to be your original clinical coordinator, someone who will have come to know you and your preferences and needs well.

STEP 5: You are never ever locked into a contract. We will seek continual feedback from you, your family and your carers, tweaking and updating plans to ensure peace of mind and the highest standards in care.